Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Thought You'd Never Ask

Almost 28 years ago, my college roomie and I were walking home from a local deli, close to our college campus. I remember this young man running by, in real running shoes, only serious runners had those back in 1981. I actually turned to watch him run and said to her, "now that could make me start to run!" He was cute! I met this fellow the very next week and discovered he was the cousin and roommate of one of my dear friends.

A Sadie Hawkins Dance was being held at my school. My many friends all encouraged me to ask this boy. I talked to a mutual friend to see what he thought I should do. He said, "I'll talk to him and get a feel for whether he would like it if you asked him to the dance." That was the last I heard, until about a week before the dance when Andy called me and said "He'll go." "He who? will go where?" having honestly forgotten our conversation from the previous week. "Chuck! He said he would go with you to the dance." My heart honestly fluttered at the thought of calling him and asking him to go with me. I waited until about two days before the dance to finally get up the nerve to call. "Well, Andy told me he asked you to go with me so I guess we can meet for dinner and go to the dance." We went out that night and had a wonderful evening full of conversation. Did I mention he was cute? We married about 17 months later.

He told me long after our first date that he had cancelled a trip to the Kentucky Derby in order to go to the dance with me . He asked why it took so long to call. He shared that when I finally called, he thought "girl, I thought you'd never ask!"

I know you are probably wondering what this has to do with my walk with the Lord. Well, there was Another that waited for me to call. I had known the Lord for many years but saw people that had the sort of relationship with Him that I really wanted. I wanted to know Him like these others did. So I prayed. In my journal I wrote: Lord, give me the desire for your word. It was almost as if I heard Him say: "girl, I thought you'd never ask!"

God desires this intimate relationship with us. He is just waiting for us to ask. To know Him more, to hunger for his Word. It is one desire He is sure to fulfill! If you have never tried, ask Him now. Ask Him to give you the DESIRE to know Him more.

"Weighting" on the Lord

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