Monday, October 6, 2008


See that picture? That is my then 19 year old, sweet little daughter climbing 160 feet up Red Rock just outside Las Vegas, Nevada. She and my husband took a little trip out west last March and spent a day learning this new sport. According to my dear ones, it is quite a difficult yet exciting adventure. Acrophobics need not apply.

They were blessed with a wonderfully skilled and seasoned climber as their instructor. They both donned special climbing shoes, a climbing harness complete with a belay loop, a carabiner(which looks like a keychain to me) and a helmet. After instruction time, they each began their ascent. Molly made two climbs and fell in love with the sport. My husband was satisfied with one attempt.

Now here is the interesting part. When you descend, you must put your hands at your side, and just sort of bounce back down using your feet only. The belayer below holds the rope. Talk about trust. Your life is literally in the skilled hands of the instructor below. Try taking back control of the return to ground , like my husband said he did, and you will find your moving shins introducing themselves to mr. solid rock wall, making life much more difficult. My husband made it down safely, but not without scrapes, bumps, and bruises on those legs of his. I admit, I would have been just like Chuck. Holding onto the rope for dear life. I do not know many who would relish letting go of the the life-line holding you 160 feet above ground. Surrendering both life and limb into the hands of an instructor who you met only hours earlier?

Obedience and trust. Huge issues in rock climbing. They mean the difference between a smooth return to ground and a bumpy ride down. Unharmed shins or bruised ones. Huge issues in Christ following too. Obedience. Deferring to the expert. Following the instructions. Submitting to another's will. And Trust. Placing yourself into the hands of THE skilled Expert.

Praise HIM!

Psalm 9:10 :" Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you."


Greg C said...

Kim, what a great message. I know I struggle with having total trust at times. I want to take control of situations myself and usually I end up doing the wrong thing.

I could never be a rock climber. I have trouble putting my trust in another person. :)

Angie said...

Trust...I'm learning every day.

Wow on the picture. I think I'd like to do that. Of course it's easy to say that as I sit here in my happy place with my coffee.

Mike said...

Faith is a scary thing!! I've tried that, but indoors with LOTS of ropes. Aaaagh!!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Great post! And wow about your hubby and daughter. I love adventure, but I draw the line with certain things. However, my hubby and sons would love it. My boys have tried rock climbing in an indoor gym. We climb rocks with backpacking and hiking that are very steep, but we don't use ropes. I always make sure I have a good grip on the rock!

I really like how you talked about trust with this though. It's so true about our walk with Christ. Do we trust Him in everything and let go knowing He won't ever let us fall? I like too your Bible verse that you've picked. Great thoughts!


I loved the message of this post, Kim, It is a great lesson when we learn to TRUST God with our whole hearts in every situation and condiction. It is the only way to go, I have learned. connie

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