Saturday, April 26, 2008


The unknown womb. The place the Lord decided to "knit me together". The place I was "fearfully and wonderfully made". Yet, though my bones were formed, my limbs grew, and my body was nourished by an unknown woman, HE knew. He knew exactly whose womb He chose to have me grow in. And after I was born, He knew exactly where I would continue to grow. You see I was adopted. Until I was four months old, I was a child without parents, living in foster care. Abandoned by a mother who I assume could not take care of me. But there were parents who were waiting and praying for me to be their own. Parents He chose.

I will tell you what my parents told me when I was a little girl. Actually,they told me all of my life, how much they wanted me. "Of all the babies in the world", they said, they chose me. In my own mind, as a young child, I imagined that my parents walked along a long corridor with all the young babies lined up in bassinets behind a large picture glass window. I could just imagine them walking slowly along, just a few steps at a time, until they spotted just the right baby. Then they stopped, pressing their faces up to the glass to get a closer look. They pointed me out to a masked angel, disguised as a nurse, who brought me over to the window as they shook their heads yes, yes, that's the one! That's the baby girl we came for!

Isn't that just what Christ did for us all. When the world says we are abandoned, orphaned, or destined for nothing, Christ Jesus,with outstretched wounded arms, peers down from the cross. I can almost see HIM scanning the faces of the crowd. Looking, looking until His eyes rest on you. Or me. Can't you just imagine the moment. When no more are you abandoned, or lost. Because He calls to you....Yes, yes, that's the one! That is the child I came for!

Praise HIM!

Ps. 139


Anonymous said...

Kim, I was there this morning, and wanted to tell you how much your testimony spoke to me, but the words wouldn't come out right then. I was not adopted, but I was invisible. I never felt wanted, or loved for who I was. Then Jesus came, and I knew for the first time in my life that I was loved, and wanted, and seen. I was remembering that this morning. Thank you. jm

Kim S in SC said...

JM: I praise HIM with you, because that is exactly what HE does, He tells us we are visible, we are wanted, and we are loved! Thank you for sharing this with me! Praise HIM!

Greg C said...

What a wonderful testimony and great way to look at being adopted. I never thought about it that way but you are right. Someone wanted a baby and picked you. They had a choice and picked you. So you were chosen twice. Three times now that you are married. Isn't it great to know that no matter what happens in life. Someone always thinks we are special.

Praise God

Barbara said...

Not only adopted sons but sons and heirs.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

That is beautiful!


I am so glad that I was adopted by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I loved your testimony. It touched my heart very deeply. Thank you. Your parents are very blesses to have found you. connie from Texas

Kim S in SC said...

Greg: Oh the love of our Savior! How great it is!
Barbara: Yes, heirs!!
Angela: Thank you! HE is beautiful!
Connie: Oh, it is more than marvelous, this grace HE bestows as He calls all of us to HIM. Praying for others to respond to His call!

Penless Thoughts said...

What a beautiful, true post, Kim. Thanks so much for shaving this with me this morning!!!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

What a beautiful portrait you have painted dear friend with your words, a portrait of Christ's prevailing love. And now you share that love with your own family and with others...

My grandfather grew up in foster care, he never heard that he was loved until my grandmother (they were both in their late teens when they met) told him that God loved him... the rest is history.

I am so glad that you had the blessed opportunity to know the love of a family. God says in His Word that He puts the solitary in families... Amen! He always keeps His promises!

Angie said...


I just love you, Kim. You are so special.

Praising Him with you!

Kim S in SC said...

Penless: Thank you for visiting! Glory to Him!!
Susan: Yes, I was blessed to have a wonderful family, and their love made it so easy to understand Christ's love for me.
Angie: Love you too! What an amazing God we worship that He brings together families and friends in quite unexpected ways! Praise HIM!

Greg C said...

Thanks for all your help on our trip. The advice you gave was wonderful. Thank you and Praise God for people like you.

Martha said...

What a beautiful blog, thank you for sharing your story! My mother was adopted as well and your message really touched my heart. Thank you!

Sincerely, Martha

Sidharth said...


That really touched my heart. I love you! =)


Lisa said...

What a beautiful testimony.God Bless you~ Lisa


Kim, you have been on my mind so I said a prayer for you. Sure hope you are doing good. You have been such a blessing to me. connie from Texas

The Broken Man said...

Thank you for this wonderful post. I love looking at the geneology of Jesus in Matthew's gospel because it reminds me of how much God values adoption - Jesus' whole line - his whole claim to the throne of David comes through his adopted father!

The broken Man

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