Monday, May 12, 2008

Cry Out

I know that some of you reading this are going through "stuff". I know that it isn't fun. It isn't nice. It isn't good. I have been thinking alot about you today. I have called out to HIM with you. For you.

It hardly seems right to tell HIM some of the "stuff" of our lives. Even though He knows it all already, it still tears at our core to hear ourselves utter the wrongs we have done. Utter the pain we are in. Utter the despair that we feel. Rebellious wrongs. Unimaginable pain. Abysmal despair. This perfect God surely doesn't want to hear it all....again. Does HE?

I don't pretend to understand it all. But I trust HIM. He says to call out. To cry out. Over and over throughout His word we see it. Those lost, wandering, rebellious, hurting, shoulda-learned-the-first-time people found themselves in messes. The Israelites, Samson, the Israelites, Jonah, the Israelites, David, well you get the picture, they cried out to God. And not just once. Many times. And guess what? He heard them. He rescued them. He had mercy on them. He had compassion on them.

I love the way the Message describes God. In Nehemiah 9:26-31 God, Our God, is described as the God of "bottomless compassion". So think this black hole of pain, suffering, or sin is your eternal abyss? Not with Christ. Because His mercy trumps our failings every time. His peace is the soothing balm for our pain. And His "bottomless compassion" goes deeper than any despair. Cry out to HIM. Maybe for the first time. Maybe for the millionth. He will hear you.

It is just who HE is. And He is who HE is no matter who we are. That is the simple truth of it all. No matter what dilemma we face. No matter what sin we have committed. No matter what unknown future awaits us. No matter what. HE IS. HE will always be. Rest on that friend.

Praise HIM!


Sidharth said...

I love Psalm 145:18 where it says, "The Lord is night unto those who call upon Him, to those who call upon Him in truth".

How simple it is =)


Kim S in SC said...

oh how true! Thank you Sidharth for sharing that psalm!

Greg C said...

I find myself calling our more and more and like you said he always answers. When I find myself straying, all I have to do is read the word of God and his spirit fills me again and I am refreshed. He is so powerful.

Praise God,

Mike said...

Indeed. He is a rock in times of trouble and He never changes. A beautifully written post. Thank you.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Resting and praising Him! Great post. I like that promise of bottomless compassion! What an amazing God and Savior we have!


I am so glad that even though He know all there is to know about me, He still wants me to talk to Him about everything concerning myself and those that I love. What a blessing!!! connie from Texas

Kim S in SC said...

Greg:I find myself doing the same thing. THe more that I know HIM, the more I see my own mess.
Mike:Yes, THE ROCK!
Susan:I love that promise too! What a picture!
Connie: I agree, how glad I am to know that I can speak with HIM about anything, anytime!
Thank you all for your comments!!

Martha said...

How beautiful!!

This reminds me of one of my favorite verses;

"As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you." - Isaiah 66:13

How amazing! We can come to God, tell Him of our sorrow, and he will wipe our tears away. We are so blessed!

Thank you for this post!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Amen! Great post.
Much love,

Chris Jones said...

This is a great post! It seems like every Christian blogger is pulling out Psalms lately.

Chris Jones said...

I love Psalms, seems like every one is using it these days!

Penless Thoughts said...

We have but to cry out. He always hears and answers.

Angie said...

Thank You Jesus!

and thanks for this reminder, Kim.

I've been crying out here lately. He always answers too. Isn't He faithful!?


Great post! I think about my children and how it makes me feel for them even now that they are grown to come to me and tell me the things that concern them. So I know the Heavenly Father wants His children to come to Him for everything for it is in Him that we will find the answers. connie from Texas

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