Saturday, March 1, 2008


Friend: Hey, sorry I couldn't get up to run this morning. I was so tired after traveling yesterday.

Me: That's OK, I was tired too. I'll walk or run later.

Friend: So... Libby picked me up yesterday in Charlotte and we went shopping.

Me: I bet that was fun!

Friend: (Laughingly)Hey, I thought I may get a job at J.Crew. Libby told me that you get 75% off three items a month because they want you to wear their clothes. But I found about 150 things I would like to buy.

Me: You get 75% off?? Wow! That is great! And you would be great in retail. You know how to talk to people so well.

Friend: Yeah, but .....

And the dialogue moved from the light-weight surface chat to the deepest thoughts and concerns that are only shared between good friends. Quickly immersed into a conversation that runs the gamut from shopping to politics to family concerns, all in the span of 30 minutes. This particular conversation is one that began over 37 years ago. It matters not that we live in different states. Or whether it has been 10 minutes or 10 days since our previous talk-fest. It is easy. Comfortable. Truthful.

Conversations. Rich repartees over politics. Whispers of secrets told in the dark. Recollections of youth leading to the inevitable return of muscle-aching belly laughter. Or deep discussions of life that begin at the dinner table and continue well into the late night. Conversations with friends.
Oh, what a blessing these are!

I am especially thankful for the conversation with the ONE who "sticks closer than a brother". Who has listened and responded throughout the peaks and ebbs of my life. Sometimes the conversation consists of an admonishment resonating from a Mighty God to this obstinate child. Other times it is the gentle utterance of encouragement as I cry out in despair. Always a resounding of HIS Word as I seek direction. Not always comfortable. But always truthful.

This particular conversation is one that began many years ago between a girl and her Savior. One that started with a merciful whisper penetrating to the very depths of a young girl's soul:

"Step close child. Step close to the cross. It is ME. I AM your Savior. I came for you. Now come to me."

Praise HIM!

Lord, I pray for the one who is reading this post who is not already in conversation with You. I ask that they will have ears that will hear You calling them! So that they can begin a life-changing conversation that will forgive, save, heal. A conversation like no other!

Proverbs 18:24 24 A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Luke 23-24

If you haven't begun a conversation, please talk to someone who is a Christian. Seek out a Bible believing church in your area. OR email me at the address on my profile. HE calls to you friend!


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

I LOVED this post. It is beautiful the conversations that we do have with friends. Especially with Jesus!
Much love,

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Oh yes, to have that close relationship with others, but most of all with God Himself, all because of Jesus! Praise Him!

Kim S in SC said...

Angela: Oh, how thankful I am for conversations with HIM and with my friends, whether by phone, in person, or online! Praise HIM!
Susan: All because of HIM! Amen!

Angie said...

Weighty thoughts here. So thankful we can talk to God without any limitations of time or place as it so often is with friends & family.

Praying for the one/s who visit and see this, that they would taste and see that the Lord is good!

Kim S in SC said...

Angie: Amen and Amen!

A Woman Who is: said...

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Gardener Greg said...

Great post Kim. When someone says that God doesn't talk with them, I answer, yes he does, you just aren't listening. Sometimes he speaks to me in subtle ways and other times he shouts and scares me. Sometimes I whisper softly to him and other times I get on my knees and pray loudly. It is so easy to talk with God and no matter how you do it, he will listen.

Kim S in SC said...

A Woman Who Is: Thank you!
Greg: Amen! What a God that we can come to HIM and He will hear our prayers and respond!

Barbara said...

Such a blessing to have close long standing friends who know us inside out and we them, and as you say just like God does.
Yes had a wonderful day with Olive yesterday. Recovering today!!

Heather said...

I am so thankful to be able to have constant conversations with my Savior. What would I do or be without Him?

Kim S in SC said...

Barbara: Glad you had a great time with Olive!
HEather: Oh, what a friend we have in Jesus! I've been singing this all week!

Anonymous said...

This was a wonderful reminder for me similar to something that happened to me over ten years ago. I live in Madison WI and, as were many Packer fans, was thrilled when Reggie White signed with the team in the 90s. He had always said God told him to come here. I was a teenager working in a grocery store at the time and made a comment to a coworker that I wish God would talk to me like that. A very kind elderly woman overheard this and gently reminded me that God does talk to me like that, I just need to take the time to listen. It was one the most incredible moments in my life to be reminded of that and your thoughts Kim have reaffirmed it for me again today. Thank you for letting Him speak through you.

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