Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Little lesson

He entered the room with the quiet assuredness of a man in charge. Walked right past me, in his flashy shoes, towards the bookshelf and pulled from it two of his favorite readings. Making himself comfortable on the couch in the corner of the room he sat and flipped through the pages as only one familiar with the content would do. His blue eyes occasionally peering upwards to see the next person coming through the doorway. He involved himself in the setting throughout the hour but always returned back to that reading area. And then she entered. Long blonde hair and a brilliant smile. She herself appeared to walk with confidence. She headed toward the computer.

She sat down in the plastic chair and began working on that computer. Suddenly it was as if all the air, along with her confidence, was let out of this gal. She sat in frustration and cried out, "I can't do it." Her frustration with the computer screen and mouse obvious to all in the room. Then the quiet young man in the corner of the room left behind his books and walked over to the computer desk. He pulled up a chair next to her and sat down as she continued busily trying to figure out the computer program. She voiced again, with more volume, "I CAN'T DO IT!" He gently looked at her and said, "You can do it; I will help you."

Sound like the beginnings of a love story? Of sorts, it was. For this was the love of Jesus that this little boy reads and hears about. Our hero's name? Will. Will is a three year old in my Sunday school class. This young "reader" and student had taken to heart the Good Samaritan story that he had just heard during the first hour of Sunday school. The group of young learners had all shared different ways, in their all so entertaining style, that they too could be kind to others. But Will? Will had taken this story one step further. He sat down next to a tired, frustrated preschool girl and offered kindness. Encouragement. Help.

It was the most beautiful picture of LOVE in action. As I watched this precious young one offer assistance, and later remembered this act, I could almost hear the Savior say to me in my own moments of frustration, "You can do it, I will help you." Little do we know who or what God will use to teach us a lesson. Sunday it was Will.

Galatians 6:10: " Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers."

Praise Him!


Mike said...

It's so encouraging to know that Jesus is like that. Lovely post :)


I liked your post very much. I am so thankful that Jesus fills my every need and helps me in all ways. connie

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