Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Do you see what I see?

There it was. The night sky I so love to gaze up into. And as I stood there on this cold December night, I realized that the sky I peered up at was the very same sky that once led shepherds and wisemen to the savior Jesus. The very same sky! There is no longer a brilliant star pointing the way. Nor is there a choir of angels that fill the sky, at least not that I see tonight. Yet, we are still drawn to Him. Because we still need a savior.

During these busiest of days, I pray that I will take time to remember that. That this babe, whose birthday we celebrate, is the Savior of the world. My world. My Savior.

Praise Him!

John 4:42


Mike said...

Good thoughts... we still need Him. A blessed season to you :)

Kim S in SC said...

Ahh, yes we do! Merry Christmas

Susan Skitt said...

Hi Kim, always good to remember all year round our wonderful Savior who put those stars into space is the babe of the manager, who went to the cross to be our Savior!

BTW - I'm having a book giveaway contest on my blog. One winner will be picked on Feb. 14th. Stop on by!!!

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