Thursday, October 4, 2007

Weighty what?

Weighty thoughts, an odd name? The idea is to "weigh in" on how the Lord meets us in our weight loss adventure and our everyday life. I am excited to see how the Lord uses this time and this format to grow us closer to Him.

For all of my fellow FP'ers, welcome ! Thank you for any insights you have.

In each post I will spend a little time sharing about what the Lord is showing me in His word or in my life and I would love to hear your thoughts. I am no theologian, just someone who loves the Word and the Word Giver..Our Father and Lord!

We will stay away from complaining but we will look for answers on how to work through some of the things that may hold us back from the "abundant" life that He promises! That is why He came, to give us life and give it more abundantly!

Blogging novice that I am, forgive me for any mistakes or blog etiquette faux pas. So here goes:

Sometimes we may run into Jesus when we least expect to see him.
Today I had one of those "big smile" kind of moments, you know the ones that make you grin from ear to ear and from inside to out! For you to fully understand, let me begin with a minute from yesterday afternoon. I met a new friend Ella, the precious six year old daughter of a co-worker. We spent a short but wonderful time discussing how much we both enjoyed American Girl dolls and catalogs. She told me she had a doll of her very own that she "named on December 25th". She was so proud to tell me all about this doll and how she wanted 100 more dolls soon. Ella was bright,cheery, and vivaciously verbal. Fast forward to today. As I walked to meet a visiting college rep at the main office of the high school where I work, I spotted a group of young elementary school aged children in single file heading to an event at the auditorium on our campus. I looked over and there was Ella, pointing out to her friend the door to the main office. I could see her saying, as she read the sign on the door, "that is my mommy's work, see...M A I N(spelled it and said it to her friend), that's the MAIN office". You could see that she was excited to show her friend where her mommy works. Then she spotted me and her small hand went up in the air forming the beginnings of a great big wave! She was quickly swinging her arm wildly to say hello and there I was smiling and BIG waving back! Wow! That excitement made my day! See, she recognized me. I was someone she knew and I saw her quickly lean toward her friend and tell her that she knew me. I don't know what words she used but I did think to myself later that this adorable conversationalist would probably explain how we met, that I knew her mommy, where my office was, and that I had two daughters who still occasionally play with their own American dolls. You know... everything she knew about me! I am only guessing of course, just based on all I learned in ten minutes about her doll, her friends, and her school in our own visit yesterday.
Don't you know that that is what testimony is all about. Delighted excitement to share about our "Friend" and Savior. I pray that we will always be excited to share about our Jesus, who He is to us and how He is taking us on this life journey. And I hope the next time we see Him, whether through his word or through something that happens during the day, that we too will lift up our hand and give him a great big wave! Now that will be a big smile moment!


Gidget said...

Hi Kim,

What a wonderful story. This is my very first blog posting, so I'm not too sure what to do. And I pulled your prayer request from the basket this week! And I am the first one to post a comment on your blog. God sure does work in mysterious ways. I hope your having a good evening. Gidget

Joy said...

Hi Kim and all class members, I missed being there last week and will also miss this week - it is a great group and thanks Kim for starting the blog. It was fun to try on clothes last week and wear a smaller size than I thought possible three months ago. Following the food plan and making wise choices really does work. The Bible study is awesome and keeps the focus on God which is where our strength originates. Have a great week. Joy

Ann Marie said...

Hi everyone from FP, I have an awesome praise I want to share. For the last 8 weeks I have been doing the walking/running plan in the Member Guide. Well, I am really excited b/c I just got off the treadmill and I ran for 8 minutes straight. I couldn't even do that in high school when I was at my thinnest. It is such a great time of worship for me as well b/c I read my memory verses and memorize them the whole time and just pray for strength (and that Harrison will sleep until I am finished). Just wanted to share this accomplishment that I could not have achieved without the Lord. Amen. See you all on Wed.

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