Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Promised Give-Away!

Ok friends, as promised a give-away to one of you who leaves a comment anywhere on the blog this week. The give-away is a copy of a great devotional that I was blessed to receive last spring(thank you M and P). Carole Lewis, the national director of First Place put this together and I tell you I LOVE IT! I know you will too. So go ahead, leave a comment and you will be entered in the drawing to be held next Tuesday. The winner will be posted right here on the blog Wednesday, November 14 .


Gidget said...

Hi Kim,

I enjoyed your post on "Hitting the brick wall" it really "hit" home with me this week. I guess everyone hits the brick wall every once in a while but it's what we do after we hit the wall that matters. And knowing that The Lord is right there to pick us up when we fall is very comforting to me.

I also liked the 30 days Encourage Your Husband. I think I am going to print it out & do it. It is so easy to get busy with day to day life and forget to say or do these things. And they are so very important.


Kim S in SC said...

I love what you just wrote, it is all about doing the "next right thing" as Maria reminds us!

Kathy said...

Hi Kim, I am enjoying all your "blogs" so much - You are such a good writer and I just see you growing more and more in the Lord - thank you so much for all you do and keep the "blogs" coming my way - have a great day! love ya

HKay said...

This is my first visit to a blog, so I have no idea what I am doing, but I did link to CalorieKing to check one of my favorite eating out meals and found it is worse than I thought. What it didn't provide, though, was a way to customize the menu item to be how I order it (no rice, add lettuce, etc.). Any idea how to know how much of the carbs are from the rice? I am obviously not very good at guessing the quantity of the ingredients because I never would have figured there was that much fat!

Kim S in SC said...

Hey Kay,
I'm so glad you got a look at CalorieKing site. It is not perfect but very helpful. I noticed that some of the restaurants have options so that you can tell how much the sides were? Maybe we can hunt down the information you need. Thanks for stopping by!

Karina said...

Kim- thanks for all of your encouraging words. I am falling this week, but I feel myself falling forward.
Love ya,

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